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  • Client:
  • Transaction:
    Debt Advisory e Restructuring
  • Date:
    May 2019
  • Sector:


  • Mandate:

    assistance to Sofinter, leading Group in the design and construction of both industrial and utility boilers, in the definition of a new financial recovery plan as well as the negotiation of the terms and conditions of the restructuring agreement with the creditor banks for a total debt of approx. € 540m.

    Specifically, the Group mainly operates in North America, Europe, Middle East and North Africa, generating in 2018 consolidated revenues of approx. €260m, through the following companies/brands:

    Macchi: brand leader in the design and construction of industrial boilers and recovery boilers for cogeneration cycles for large industrial refining/gas and petrochemical plants.

    AC Boilers: company leader in the design, construction and installation of large boilers for electricity production plants (coal, gas, oil, renewable energy).

    Europower: company that offers EPC (Engineering, Procurement, constructor) services.
    Itea: company that owns an innovative combustion technology, the flameless pressure oxy-combustion, with minimum environmental impact.

    CCA “Centro Combustione Ambiente”: company that owns one of the most important European research centers for the development of innovative combustion techniques with low production of pollutants and high environmental sustainability.

  • Deal value:

    c. €540m

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