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About us

A group of professionals united by an entrepreneurial spirit, vision and expertise on the job, at the service of our customers to accompany and guide them through every phase of their companies’ lives.
Our passion and our values inspire our everyday activities at the service of entrepreneurs, institutional clients and managers.

Vitale was established in 2001 by Guido Roberto Vitale and a group of professionals with extensive experience in major international companies active in the fields of investment banking, strategic consulting and several other industries. The aim was to create an independent investment bank able to provide high-quality, creative and flexible solutions, responding without conflicts of interest to the specific needs of each project and client.

Vitale has rapidly achieved a leading position in Italy, ranking as the go-to advisor in the design, structuring and execution of complex corporate finance transactions. In 2014 Vitale opened an office in Rome in order to better serve government agencies and large private and state-owned groups. In January 2017, with the involvement of two specialized partners, Vitale widened its strategic focus in real estate investment banking activities.

Since its foundation, Vitale has acted as financial advisor in more than 350 projects with a total transaction value exceeding 60 billion euros.

Our values

Structural absence of conflicts of interest and alignment of interests with clients.

Solid track record across all sectors, with daily involvement of senior professionals hands-on.

Exclusive focus on corporate finance activities, no production or distribution activities of any other financial service.

Consolidated relationship network with a wide range of clients and decision makers.

Focus on creative and revolutionary strategies in order to satisfy the specific needs of the clients.

Custom-crafted and flexible solutions to advice and execute successfully.

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