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Sofinter S.p.A.

  • Client:
    Sofinter S.p.A.
  • Transaction:
    Debt Advisory e Restructuring
  • Date:
    December 2009
  • Sector:

Sofinter S.p.A.

  • Mandate:
    Assistance in the financial restructuring of the group through the negotiation with the main creditor banks of cash and signature credit lines and the implementation of a capital increase.
  • Activities performed:

    Analysis of the financial position of the company and the Group and identification of the measures to be taken and requested from the credit category in relation to the prospective objectives;
    preparation of information documents for the financing institutions;
    definition with the company of the most suitable structure and financial terms of the restructuring agreement and the capital increase;
    assistance in negotiating with the creditors the terms and conditions of the restructuring agreement for a total of € 10 million of capital increase and existing and new credit lines:
    140 million of working capital lines of credit,
    € 48 million of medium-term financing,
    € 465 million in credit lines for signatures;
    assistance in the fulfilments required by art. 67 LF;
    coordination of the other consultants involved in the transaction.

  • Deal value:
    € 663 million
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