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CDPE Investimenti

  • Client:
    CDPE Investimenti
  • Transaction:
    Debt Advisory e Restructuring
  • Date:
    March 2023
  • Sector:
    Energy, Utilities and Infrastructure

CDPE Investimenti

  • Deal description:

    Valvitalia Group is active in the field of global design, production and supply of flow control components for the energy, marine and civil industries.

    Vitale acted as financial advisor to the shareholder CDPE Investimenti (CDP Group), providing assistance in the context of a capital and financial strengthening maneuver defined within the regulatory framework of the new settlement procedure of the crisis (“composizione negoziata”).

    The maneuver allowed a significant recapitalization of the Valvitalia Group, including: (i) the partial write-off of financial debts and the consolidation and rescheduling of the residual amount; (ii) the cash injection by CDPE Investimenti through a €70m loan; (iii) the confirmation and extension of the existing bonding lines.

    The agreement also provides for the simplification of the Valvitalia Group's structure, with CDPE Investimenti becoming the new majority shareholder.

  • Deal Value:


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