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Soci di Eskigel S.r.l.

  • Client:
    Soci di Eskigel S.r.l.
  • Transaction:
  • Date:
    August 2012
  • Sector:
    Consumer and Retail

Soci di Eskigel S.r.l.

  • Mandate:
    Advisory to the sellers for the sale of Eskigel S.r.l.
  • Activities performed:

    Assistance in the analysis of the preliminary offer of the potential buyers;
    assistance in management of the due diligence activities performed by the potential buyer;
    assistance in defining the structure and the terms of transaction;
    assistance in the negotiations and definition of the agreement with the counterpart;
    assistance in the negotiations with potential buyer in order to execute binding agreements;
    cooperation with legal consultants, in the review and negotiation of contractual agreements.

  • Deal value:

    approx. € 77 million

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