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PVZ S.r.l.

  • Client:
    PVZ S.r.l.
  • Transaction:
  • Date:
    December 2020
  • Sector:
    Consumer and Retail

PVZ S.r.l.

  • Deal description:

    Italmobiliare has signed an agreement to acquire a 60% interest in Callmewine, one of the main Italian e-commerce platforms for wines in Italy.

    The transaction structure foresees that Italmobiliare, investment holding company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange with a total capitalisation of over 1 billion euros, acquires, partly through a shares deal and partly through a capital increase, a 60% of the share capital of the company (post-money).

    Founded in August 2010 by Paolo Zanetti, Callmewine is one of the leading market players in online sales of wine in Italy. Over the last ten years, Callmewine has built one of the largest and most comprehensive catalogues of Italian wines in the world, ranging from the most famous to lesser-known wines, having selected large wineries but also more niche producers for connoisseurs. Callmewine, in fact, today boasts the best selection of products on the market, with almost 10,000 labels available online.

    Callmewine expects to close 2020 with a turnover of approx. €12.5 million, with an increase of approx. 95% compared to 2019, a growth trend also favoured by the lockdown imposed due to the Covid-19 emergency. Also in 2020, a few months apart, Callmewine expanded its presence in 2 other European markets: France and Germany.

    For Italmobiliare, this investment marks the start of a new focus, aimed at finding new opportunities in innovative and rapidly evolving sectors, starting from small companies but with significant growth opportunities.

    The overall consideration for the 60% interest is approx. €13 million and the transaction is expected to close by end of December 2020.

    Vitale acted as the advisor of the whole transaction, assisting both the shareholders of Callmewine and Italmobiliare in the definition and implementation of the transaction’s structure.

  • Deal value:


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