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Financière SYZ

  • Client:
    Financière SYZ
  • Transaction:
  • Date:
    October 2017
  • Sector:
    Financial institution

Financière SYZ

  • Mandate:

    Assistance to Financière SYZ, holding of SYZ Group, in the disposal of the majority stake held in Banca Albertini SYZ, leading Italian private bank, to Ersel Investimenti, holding of Ersel Group, leader in the private banking and asset management businesses in Italy.

  • Activities performed:

    assistance in the analysis of the economic and financial situation of the business;
    assistance in the research of potential bidders and in the valuation of the strategic alternatives;
    origination of the transaction and assistance in defining the structure and the terms of transaction;
    assistance in the due diligence activities;
    assistance in the negotiations and definition of the agreement with the counterparties;
    cooperation with legal consultants in the revision, negotiation and definition of the legal documentation.


  • Deal value:


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