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Digit’Ed / Nextalia SGR

  • Client:
    Digit’Ed / Nextalia SGR
  • Transaction:
  • Date:
    November 2022
  • Sector:
    Consumer and Retail

Digit’Ed / Nextalia SGR

  • Deal description:

    Vitale advised Digit’Ed in the acquisition of a 49% stake in Treccani Accademia.

    On November 11th, 2022, Digit’Ed S.p.A. (“Digit’Ed”), a company owned by Nextalia SGR and Intesa Sanpaolo, acquired a 49% stake in Treccani Accademia ("Treccani Accademia").

    Treccani Accademia, supported by the prestige and institutional role of the Treccani Institute, now represents a primary reality in the higher education sector, with a wide range of educational paths, including full-time masters and executive masters in different thematic areas. Since its founding in 2020, Treccani Accademia has already achieved remarkable results, training hundreds of young people and professionals in key sectors of the national economy.  

    Nextalia SGR is an independent and institutional investor operating in the Italian market with a specific focus on SMEs. The acquisition was made through Digit’Ed, a new leader in training and digital learning, which positions itself as an aggregator of the best companies active in the sector, targeting both the business and consumer segments.

    The deal aims to enable Digit’Ed to consolidate its leadership position in Italy in the corporate segment by becoming the reference platform in Italy for strategic reskilling and upskilling in support of the Country System.

    Vitale acted as financial advisor to Digit’Ed, providing support in the structuring of the transaction, in the valuation of Treccani Accademia and in negotiation phases.

  • Deal Value:


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