CLIENT: Assietta Private Equity SGR S.p.A.


DATE: July 2015

SECTOR: Consumer and Retail; Financial sponsors

Advisory to Assietta Private Equity Sgr S.p.A. in the divestment of 100% stake in Buona Compagnia Gourmet S.r.l., a leading Italian company active in the production of fresh potato gnocchi,  spätzle, ready-to-eat sauces and other products of the Ligurian tradition.

Activities performed:
assistance in the analysis of the economic and financial situation of the business;
assistance in the identification and approach of potential buyers;
drafting of the Information Memorandum;
assistance in the setting and management of the virtual data room;
assistance in management of the due diligence activities performed by potential buyers;
assistance in drafting the structure and the terms of the transaction;
assistance in the negotiations and definition of the agreement with the counterpart;
coordination of the activities of the other consultants involved in the transaction.

Deal value: n.d.