CLIENT: Mosaicon S.p.A.

TRANSACTION: Debt advisory & restructuring

DATE: February 2010

SECTOR: Industrial

Restructuring of the financial indebtedness through the negotiation with main financing banks of the confirmation of working capital facilities, rescheduling of approximately € 30,0 million of medium/long term loans and research of new financial resources.

Activities performed:
definition of a coherent restructuring financial plan;
negotiation and definition of a financial restructuring agreement of the indebtedness with main financing banks concerning:
€ 45,5 million of working capital facilities;
€ 30,0 million of medium/long term loans;
€ 5,0 million new financing consisting of a bullet loan;
assistance in the execution of the financial restructuring agreement;
coordination of the activities of the other consultants involved in the transaction.

Deal value: € 80,5 million