CLIENT : Cortiplast S.p.A.


DATE: December 2004

SECTOR: Consumer and Retail

Advisory to Cortiplast SpA for the reorganisation of the structure of the Group through the shortening of the control chain following the merger of three companies directly controlling one another: Cortiplast SpA, Saiag SpA and Comital SpA.

Activities performed: financial consultant to the Board of Directors of Cortiplast Spa during the merger by incorporation of the controlled companies Saiag Spa and Comital Spa and in particular:
a) assistance in the negotiation with the minority shareholder of Comital Spa with reference to the  merger transaction and to the shareholders’ agreements after the merger;
b) assistance with the aim of fixing the exchange ratios to propose to the Shareholders’ Meeting;
c) assistance in the management of the relationships with the lending institutions relating to their consensus to the transaction.

Deal value: € 140 million (*)

(*) Aggregated Equity Value of the companies involved in the merger